(Dynamic) UPS

Our dynamic UPS systems (DUPS) ensure your most critical electrical infrastructure during power outages and voltage dips. They actively filter all impurities from the power grid. Thanks to the built-in diesel engine, there is no need for a separate emergency power group. Our systems are available in capacities from 250 kVA to over 10 MVA.

How does a dynamic UPS work? This video explains it in detail.

Advantages of a dynamic UPS:

  • Sustainable: no chemical waste/batteries, low consumption, low CO2 emissions, low space requirements
  • Reliable: robust construction, long lifetime, low risk of breakdowns, long autonomy
  • Energy-efficient: active mains filter, high efficiency, no harmonic distortion, no electrical energy conversion
  • Cost-efficient: relatively low installation cost, low maintenance, flexible use in energy production
  • Great flexibility: various configurations and set-ups possible
  • Conforms to European noise and emission standards

As an independent integrator, Luminus Solutions works with several manufacturers of dynamic UPS technologies:

  • Flywheel system without integrated diesel engine for purifying power quality and accommodating micro interruptions (up to xxµs)

They already took the step towards more energy efficiency. You soon too?

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