Management & Monitoring

In the case of maintenance contracts with performance guarantees, we also take on the complete management of the installation. We link the installations to our Energy Monitoring Desk. This allows us to monitor the operation and energy consumption of the installations in real time and make adjustments where necessary to ensure the best results:

  • Management of installations, interventions and contracts through an intelligent and automated maintenance management system.
  • Interactive dashboard for monitoring of breakdowns, analyses and diagnoses
  • Monitoring of plant performance and/or energy consumption, with corrective action where necessary and regular reporting of results.

What our expert has to say

“Besides proper preventive maintenance and carrying out necessary repairs, we also closely monitor our installations remotely.

For instance, we regularly measure the parameters and performance of our CHPs or HVAC installations and make adjustments where necessary for optimal efficiency.

Especially in the context of an energy performance contract, where we guarantee our customers a certain level of energy savings, such energy monitoring is indispensable.”

Jérémy Demortier
Operations & Maintenance Manager Buildings
Luminus Solutions