Solar panels

Installing a PV system is a sustainable and usually very efficient way to generate electricity and save on your electricity consumption.

Optimally sizing a PV plant in combination with other technologies, such as CHP, wind turbines, heat pumps, charging infrastructure or energy storage, is not that simple. Properly dimensioned and matched installations yield greater energy savings than if they were examined separately. Luminus Solutions has the right expertise for this.

Several factors are important for correct dimensioning:

  • The size and profile of the site’s consumption
  • The available roof areas and their orientation
  • The maximum auto-consumption over the contract period as a function of the investment
  • The stability of the roofs


PV systems can be installed on existing roof surfaces but also on specially developed solar carports (link to solar carport technology) that – possibly in combination with charging infrastructure – transform your company car park into a green power plant.

They already took the step towards more energy efficiency. You soon too?

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