Local energy production

Producing energy locally has many advantages for businesses. Besides having a positive effect on energy bills, home energy production is also an important link in the energy transition. For our climate, we all need to use less energy and keep our CO2 emissions as low as possible.

Luminus Solutions develops customized solutions to produce renewable energy locally. Our objective? A reliable solution, with high efficiency and significant CO2 savings for you.

What our expert has to say

“To meet the climate target, CHP alone is not enough. That’s why with our customers we also always look at waste heat valorization, integration of heat pumps or solar panels in combination with a CHP.

One advantage of CHP is that it can produce cheap electricity for those heat pumps. And then if your CHP also runs on green gas, you have a total concept that can drastically reduce CO2 emissions.”

Tomas Geeraert
Project Development Manager
Luminus Solutions