Solar carports

A Solar carport is, as the word says, a solar-powered carport! Here, a car park is literally transformed into an energy installation. No more waste of space.

The car park is covered and the roof is fitted with solar panels. A good energy source if there is not enough roof space available. Or combine a Solar carport with charging infrastructure for electric cars. A win-win solution! And also good for a sustainable image!

Advantages of a Solar carport (with EV):

  • Own energy generation: use the electricity for your building or to charge your electric cars
  • Double use of available space: parking and energy generation
  • More comfort for users: you get out of your car in rain and your car stays cooler on hot days
  • A calling card for your company: sustainable mobility, green image, corporate social responsibility

They already took the step towards more energy efficiency. You soon too?

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