Energy performance contract yields 19% energy savings in Dilbeek


Installation of new boilers and control systems

Integration of CHP and PV installations


Management and maintenance of technical installations

Remote monitoring of technical installations

User awareness campaign


37% less electricity consumption

Saving 19% on the total energy cost


The municipality of Dilbeek wants to contribute to the fight against global warming and signed an energy performance contract (EPC) with Luminus Solutions to improve the energy efficiency of its municipal buildings.

The project includes an energy performance contract to improve the energy efficiency and maintenance of the installations of the municipal swimming pool, the cultural centre, the municipal schools and several other buildings of the municipality. The works to realise the energy savings include the renovation of the municipal swimming pool’s boiler room with the integration of a cogeneration unit and optimisation of the control system, and the installation of solar panels and relighting in the Westrand cultural centre.

All this results in a total energy saving of 19% for the municipality of Dilbeek and increased comfort for users, without the municipality having to invest in the modification of technical installations.

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