Energy performance contract

An energy performance contract (EPC) is an efficient way to energetically renovate your buildings, with guarantees on the savings you will rlize.

As an experienced ESCO (Energy Services Company),

  • we suggest the most appropriate energy-saving measures, taking into account your budget and goals
  • agree in advance on guarantees of desired energy performance
  • we strive to reduce your carbon footprint to the maximum extent possible
  • we take care of the execution of the works and the necessary maintenance afterwards
  • we guarantee accurate tracking of energy performance thanks to our digital monitoring tools
  • we assure you that you will save energy

So an all-in-one contract with guarantees.

An energy performance contract can be built around different techniques, depending on your needs and the condition of your buildings.

And you? You benefit from efficient infrastructure, a lower energy bill and optimum comfort, without worries.

What our expert has to say

” An energy performance contract allows a municipality to sustainably reduce its energy consumption in various locations. It includes a range of energy-saving works and maintenance services for which we make a long-term commitment. With such an EPC, local authorities have an effective tool in their hands to meet today’s environmental challenges.”

Raoul Nihart
Luminus Solutions