Comfortable and sustainable buildings for the city of tomorrow

We will work with you to develop an optimal solution for increased energy efficiency and reduced energy consumption in your building heritage. So you can enjoy modern buildings with higher comfort and a smaller carbon footprint.

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Administrative centres

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Museums & culture

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Sports complexes

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What can we do for you?

Thermal improvement of the building envelope
Optimization of your HVAC system:
Making your lighting energy efficient
Integrate your own local energy production
Monitoring and adjusting your energy consumption
smart energy solutions for the healthcare sector

“The energy performance contract with Luminus Solutions will not only help us meet our climate goals, it will also provide us with significant annual savings.

That ecological measures would only cost money certainly does not apply here.”

Bart De Bruyne, Alderman for Buildings
City of Sint-Niklaas

“Despite a particularly turbulent energy context, we continue to pursue energy independence and the decarbonisation of our public services. The energy performance agreement with Luminus Solutions will also allow us to realise significant savings that can be allocated to other policy areas.”

Xavier Desgain
Alderman for Buildings and Energy, city of Charleroi

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