More than 50% energy savings in 4 buildings for Grâce-Hollogne thanks to energy performance contract


What was our approach?

In January 2023, the town of Grâce-Hollogne signed an energy performance contract with Luminus Solutions as part of the RenoWatt programme. This contract, worth almost €5 million, focuses on energy renovation works in four municipal buildings: the Grâce town hall, the Wathelet sports complex, the Ecole Degive and the listed CPAS building.

The planned measures include renovation of roofs, insulation of walls, replacement of windows, installation of new heating and ventilation systems, installation of photovoltaic panels and modernisation of lighting.

What was the result?

These major renovations will allow the municipality to reduce the energy consumption of the buildings concerned by more than 50% and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 116 tonnes per year, while increasing comfort for users.

The project will also have a positive impact on the local economy and employment, as Luminus Solutions is using local companies to carry out the works.

This project illustrates how an energy performance contract can be an effective tool for local authorities to address environmental challenges and achieve their energy transition.

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