Mobile UPS

Suppose: you have a UPS installation that protects you from power outages at any time. But what if this UPSis temporarily unavailable or other problems occur in your electrical infrastructure? If so, are you taking the risk of a power outage?


A temporary mobile UPS installation helps mitigate the risks and ensures that the lights are always on.

Our mobile UPS systems are not classic emergency generators or power groups but a complete power backup system. Everything is in one container: diesel engine, kinetic energy storage, generator, built-in fuel tank, control, ventilation, exhaust and noise attenuation.

Our mobile UPSs are not classic emergency generators but complete power backup systems.

This way, your critical installations are temporarily protected against all possible power failures, without the slightest interruption, fully tailored to what you need:

  • Various capacities and configurations from 250 kVA to 1600 kVA
  • For short or long rental
  • Deployable all over Europe with normal road transport
  • Flexible rental formulas, from simple delivery to full integration into your existing infrastructure
  • Fast delivery and connection

250 - 450 kVA

A compact mobile UPSfor smaller capacities up to 450 kVA



  • Standard ISO container on trailer
  • Sound attenuation in accordance with European standards
  • Installed fuel tank
  • Simple cable connection
  • Integrated exhaust, cooling and fuel system
  • Transportation, cabling, installation and commissioning
  • Engineering support & 24h service
  • For rent in most European countries

500 - 1000 kVA

Two units of 500kVA thatwecan deploy or link apart to a capacity of max. 1000 kVA


Advantages for you

  • Easily transportable
  • Possibility of switching systems in parallel
  • Robust and compact
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Active filter against net contamination
  • Can also be combined with existing emergency power group
  • Fast deployment

1250 - 1600 kVA

The largest mobile UPSof Europe in 1 unit on 2 trailers


Sustainable solution

  • Environmentally friendly compared to static UPS and diesel generator
  • No chemical waste / batteries
  • Low consumption
  • Low CO2 emissions

Our rental formulas

Our mobile UPS systems can usually be installed within 48h of ordering, depending on the location and availability of our systems. Our containers are deployable in most European countries, depending on transport and customs formalities.

  • Fully tailored to what you need
  • From simple delivery to full integration into your existing infrastructure
  • Renting periods from a few days to several months
  • Transport and customs formalities
  • Cabling, installation works and commissioning by our own service engineers
  • Preventive & corrective maintenance by our own service engineers
  • Connection and development of switching procedures
  • Supporting engineering services
  • Online monitoring
  • 24h/24 helpdesk
  • Short response times

They are already taking the step towards better energy efficiency. How about you?

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