Installation of CHP and UPS at eye care producer Novartis



Increased energy efficiency of the site

At the Novartis production site in Puurs, specialised eye care products are made for patients in more than 155 countries. The collaboration between Vanparijs Engineers, now Luminus Solutions, and Novartis to improve energy efficiency at the production site goes back many years.

Uninterrupted power supply and optimised heat production

In 2001, Luminus Solutions ensured an uninterrupted power supply by installing a UPS system. This was in addition to the two UPS systems already at the site. Luminus Solutions had a partnership with Hitec Power Protection for the maintenance of the 3 UPS systems and also did an overhaul of the UPS installation in 2019. In 2012, Luminus Solutions installed an additional 1190 kWe CHP plant. This installation was integrated into the existing infrastructure to optimise heat production.

Also with an eye to the future, Luminus Solutions is looking at ways to make the production process even more energy efficient. It looks at both heat production and the potential of solar and wind energy.

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