Mobile power protection during conversion of fixed UPS at Ostend Airport


Installation and maintenance of dynamic UPS

Use of mobile UPS during overhauls

Transformation of dynamic UPS into classic emergency power group with mobile UPS backup during works


Guaranteed uninterrupted power supply for air traffic control

The power supply at Ostend-Bruges International Airport has been protected by a dynamic medium-voltage UPS since 2001. This installation was built by Luminus Solutions to protect the runways and air traffic control against power failures.

Since the beginning, Luminus Solutions has guaranteed the comprehensive maintenance of the installation. We also carried out the five-yearly overhauls, during which the uninterrupted power supply was temporarily guaranteed by one of our mobile UPS systems.

However, for this category of airport, it was no longer necessary in recent years to have an uninterrupted power supply at all times. Therefore, in 2019 the dynamic UPS was converted into a classic emergency power group.

In the process, the couplings were replaced and the control of the system was completely modified. The group does retain its UPS function so that it can still be used when necessary, with a view to a possible future expansion of activities at the airport.

During the conversion works, which lasted 3 weeks, our 1000 kVA mobile UPS with additional high voltage transformers was used as backup power protection.

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