Installation of CHP on the roof of pharmaceutical producer UCB


Overall efficiency 90%

39% less CO₂ emissions

The Belgian company UCB develops and produces medicines for neurological or immunological disorders. By 2030 UCB wants to do this in a carbon-neutral way. The company drew up a detailed action plan for this purpose.

As part of a 35% energy saving target by 2030, we installed an 800 kilowatt CHP on the roof of the UCB site in Braine-l’Alleud. It provides heat and electricity for the buildings and production processes, but can also be used flexibly to support the power grid. When this happens at a time of low heat demand, the excess heat is stored in a 30-cubic metre buffer tank for later use.

The plant achieves an overall efficiency of more than 90%. This corresponds to 39% less CO2 emissions compared to separate heat and power production.

“UCB’s strategic ambition when it comes to greenhouse gases is to be carbon neutral by 2030. Luminus Solutions helped us install a CHP system that produces electricity locally and recovers heat. In this way, we are increasing our energy efficiency and reducing our CO2 emissions.” (Eric Browaeys, Site Director Belgium, UCB)

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