Quality energy for essential infrastructure

Data centres, telecommunications, tunnels, utilities, airports, etc.

We guarantee power quality and protection

for the indispensable infrastructure we use every day


High quality power supply and power protection

Integration of dynamic UPS systems

Recovery of residual heat

Improvement of energy efficiency

Distribution of heat and cold

Temporary mobile UPS rental

Maintenance & exploitation of UPS installations

Our approach covers the entire process from A to Z

Some of our achievement in infrastructure

New CHP for district heating Ghent

New CHP for district heating Ghent

Investment in sustainable heat In 2019, a new CHP was commissioned at Luminus' Ham power plant in Ghent. This ...
CHP maintenance at Gazonor Benelux

CHP maintenance at Gazonor Benelux

In April 2019, Gazonor Benelux in Anderlues (province of Hainaut) inaugurated the first site for the production of ...

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