Installation of CHPs in various Center Parcs

WKK CenterParcs De Haan


Saving of >500 tonnes CO₂ per year per park

The Center Parcs parks are built around the experience of nature. So it should come as no surprise that sustainability is a priority for the organisation. At Luminus Solutions, we like to think along with them in order to realise this ambition.

For a company that has to heat a subtropical swimming paradise in addition to its electricity consumption, a CHP is ideal. It recovers the residual heat from electricity production to heat swimming pool water. This keeps the consumption of fossil fuel to an absolute minimum.

The park De Vossemeren in Lommel was the Belgian first. The CHP there saves 500 tonnes of CO2 per year. In the meantime, CHPs have also been put into operation in De Haan and Kempense Meren in Mol, and a project is also underway in Erperheide.

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