A smart combination of solutions for the healthcare sector

University, general and specialised hospitals, psychiatric institutions, rehabilitation centres, residential care centres, etc.

You look after our health, we take care of your energy.

Less energy consumption and more efficiency with a smart combination of solutions.


Integration of cogeneration with an all-in service for 10 years, with or without financing

Improvement of thermal comfort in the building (insulation of walls and roofs, replacement of windows, relighting)

Renewal or optimisation of heating systems: replacement of old boilers, installation of heat pumps, heat recovery, optimisation of cooling and ventilation, insulation of heat distribution, etc.

Adjustments to the variable flow rate or domestic hot water system for better efficiency

Intelligent HVAC automation

Installation of solar panels

Uninterrupted power supply with dynamic UPS

Temporary mobile UPS rental

Energy performance contracts

Heat as a service

Multitechnical maintenance (HVAC, cogeneration, electrical, UPS, sanitary, lighting, etc.)

Advice and guidance on regulations and public procurement


Our approach covers the entire process from A to Z

Some of our achievements in the healthcare sector

CHP installation at UZ Antwerp

CHP installation at UZ Antwerp

In 2015, Antwerp University Hospital was looking for a solution to expand heat production while reducing energy ...
Renewal of the uninterrupted power supply and integration of CHP at St Trudo Hospital

Renewal of the uninterrupted power supply and integration of CHP at St Trudo Hospital

Intussen plaatste Luminus Solutions ook een WKK van 350 kW bij Sint-Trudo. Tijdens de studiefase werden ...

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