Guaranteed power for the most critical infrastructure

The supply of electrical energy from the grid is not 100% reliable. All kinds of external factors can affect the quality: from minor malfunctions to real power failures, short or long-lasting.

Some processes are so critical that a classic emergency power supply does not provide sufficient protection. Just think of data centres, operating theatres, intensive care of certain production processes. The time that passes between the grid failure and the start-up of the emergency power system can lead to major losses.

This is when you need an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Our dynamic UPS systems (DUPS) ensure your most critical infrastructure remains up and runningduring power cuts and voltage dips. They actively filter out all impurities coming from the grid. Thanks to the built-in diesel engine, there is no need for a separate emergency power group. Our systems are available in power ratings from 250 kVA to more than 10 MVA.

How does dynamic UPS work? This video will show you the details.


no chemical waste/batteries, low consumption, low CO2 emissions, small footprint


robust construction, long lifecycle, low risk of breakdowns, high autonomy.

Energy efficient

active mains filter, high efficiency, no harmonic distortion, no conversion of electrical energy

Cost effective

relatively low installation cost, little maintenance required, can be used for flexible energy production

Our approach covers the entire process from A to Z

Advantages for you?


Brand independent

High flexibility: various configurations and set-ups possible

In compliance with European noise and emission standards

Some of our achievements

Installation of CHP and UPS at eye care producer Novartis

Installation of CHP and UPS at eye care producer Novartis

At the Novartis production site in Puurs, specialised eye care products are made for patients in more than 155 ...
Installation of UPS and CHP at chemical company MSD

Installation of UPS and CHP at chemical company MSD

MSD (Merck, Sharp & Dohme) is one of the global market leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. At the ...

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