UPS protects FARYS pumping station against water hammer

by | 4 Aug 2022 | UPS

UPS Farys Buggenhout

FARYS supplies drinking water to individuals and businesses with powerful pumps through an extensive network of transmission lines. In the event of a sudden power failure, the pumps stop abruptly, which can cause a pressure wave, a so-called water hammer. This water hammer can cause damage to pipes and installations. Thanks to a dynamic UPS solution, installed and maintained by Luminus Solutions, proper, uninterrupted operation of the pumps is guaranteed.

The FARYS pumping station in Buggenhout has been supplying drinking water from Antwerp to a large part of East and West Flanders for fifty years. For this purpose, it uses several redundant 355 kW pumps, which were not equipped with an emergency power supply. In the event of an unexpected power failure, the pumps can therefore fail uncontrollably and the energy of the flowing water is converted into a pressure wave that runs through the pipes. Such water hammer can damage the pumping systems and cause leaks in the pipes.

“In order to increase operational reliability and because the Buggenhout pumping station has become increasingly important over the years for the drinking water supply in the area, we decided to invest in a fixed no-break installation, so that the drinking water supply is also guaranteed at all times in the future.” says Peter De Ruyck, project manager at FARYS.

An integrated, dynamic UPS solution

After a selection process, FARYS chose Luminus Solutions to install a dynamic Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). The uninterruptible power supply system has a capacity of 1000 kVA and consists of a power generator, a diesel engine and a flywheel, integrated into one machine. The flywheel is kept running as long as there is mains power. When a power failure occurs, the speed of the flywheel keeps the generator running until the diesel engine starts. In this way, the UPS ensures a seamless switchover to emergency power and uninterrupted, safe operation of the pumping units.

Care-free before and after installation

Luminus Solutions worked with a number of trusted partners for the implementation. The whole UPS system was built into a container by Kestens Montage and brought to the site. Newelec, like Luminus Solutions a subsidiary of the Luminus Group, provided the electrical work. The pumps had to be shut down for only one day. The project took about a year from application to completion. Throughout this period, Luminus Solutions provided FARYS with a 1000 kVA mobile UPS to secure the power supply. Since the end of June, the fixed system has been in use and is monitored remotely by Luminus Solutions thanks to the maintenance contract.

“Securing critical infrastructures is one of the three pillars of our company,” says Raoul Nihart, CEO of Luminus Solutions. “We are therefore proud that with this project we were able to support the customer from the outset with our mobile solution and also contribute in the long term to a good and safe drinking water supply in Flanders.”

Watch the UPS container placement below

The installation of the UPS container was also a technical feat. The 40-foot container weighs 30 tonnes and had to be lifted with a special heavy lifting crane over a ditch to the concrete base.

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