Renovation of more than 40 apartment buildings of Foyer Anderlechtois


Renovation of boiler rooms

Integration of 17 CHPs

Installation of solar panels

Installation of centralised technical control systems and remote monitoring

12-year guarantee on energy performance


52% less electricity consumption in the common areas

266k€ less energy cost

>5324MWh annual primary energy savings

The Foyer Anderlechtois is one of the largest social housing companies in Brussels. It manages both individual homes and large residential blocks that date back to the 1970s. To ensure the maintenance and energy performance of its buildings, the Foyer Anderlechtois concluded the first Belgian multi-site energy performance contract with Luminus Solutions.

The contract includes the complete renovation of 45 heating systems, the integration of no less than 17 CHPs with a capacity of 15 to 110 kWe, new heat management systems and 7 solar panel installations. In addition, we are responsible for the maintenance of the installations in all buildings.

The work, representing an investment of 6 million euros, was fully financed by Luminus Solutions. As a result, the Foyer Anderlechtois sees an immediate saving on its bills and the residents of the flats can enjoy more comfort with a smaller ecological footprint.

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