Energy optimisations for buildings and industry

Various small and large adjustments to your building and infrastructure can result in major energy savings. We help you make the right adjustments to suit your company.

Thermal improvement of the building envelope

Insulation of outer walls, roofs and floors, replacement of windows, installation of high-efficiency glass, etc. for optimal thermal comfort.

Efficient lighting

Replacing obsolete lamps with energy-efficient LED lighting (relighting) that meets today’s lighting standards, lasts longer and consumes less

Energy renovation of HVAC systems

Renewal of outdated equipment provides major energy savings and greater comfort: replacement of old boilers, installation of heat pumps, heat recovery, optimisation of cooling and ventilation, insulation of pipes, etc

Automation and remote management for better cost control and more comfort.

Optimisation of production installations

Compressed air systems, steam production, industrial heat production, waste heat recovery

Own energy production

Integration of a cogeneration plant or installation of solar panels

Our approach goes a step further than a classic renovation.

Advantages for you?

Less CO₂ emissions

Lower energy cost

Added value for your building

More comfort

Better efficiency for your installations

Better image for your company

Some of our achievements

Renovation of more than 40 apartment buildings of Foyer Anderlechtois

Renovation of more than 40 apartment buildings of Foyer Anderlechtois

The Foyer Anderlechtois is one of the largest social housing companies in Brussels. It manages both individual ...
Installation of CHPs in various Center Parcs

Installation of CHPs in various Center Parcs

The Center Parcs parks are built around the experience of nature. So it should come as no surprise that ...

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