CHP maintenance at Gazonor Benelux


Maintenance of 2 CHPs of 1500 kWe

Mining gas is converted into green electricity and heat

Luminus buys the green electricity from Gazonor


Fully automated

Constant electricity production

Green power for 14,000 neighbouring residents

In April 2019, Gazonor Benelux in Anderlues (province of Hainaut) inaugurated the first site for the production of green electricity from mine gas in Belgium. Gazonor Benelux is a subsidiary of the La Française de l’Énergie group. The company produces electricity on the basis of mine gas from former mine basins. In addition to valorising a local energy source, the mining of the gas reduces the carbon footprint of the coal basins and prevents methane, a greenhouse gas with an impact 25 times greater than CO2, from rising to the surface.

The conversion of mine gas into green electricity and heat is made possible by two combined heat and power units, each with a capacity of 1,500 kWe. Luminus entered into a contract with Gazonor Benelux for the buy-back of the electricity generated by these two CHP installations with a total capacity of 3000 kWe. Luminus Solutions is responsible for the maintenance of both CHPs. Both engines are fully automated and constantly produce electricity. The availability of the installations therefore plays an essential role and Luminus Solutions provides real added value in this area.

“This 3,000 kWe is enough to cover the electricity needs of a city of 14,000 inhabitants and provide Walloon citizens with locally produced energy” (Julien Moulin, President of Gazonor Benelux)

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