Local energy production combining heat and power

Generating your own sustainable energy with renewable energy sources or combined heat and power results in a lower CO₂ footprint and lower energy bills! With 25 years of experience in cogeneration, we design and build local energy production plants adapted to your needs.


Companies that need a lot of heat as well as electricity benefit – economically and environmentally – from installing a cogeneration system, i.e. the combined production of heat and power (CHP). The electricity is generated by a gas engine (running on fossil or renewable fuel) or turbine. The heat released in this process is recovered for heating a building or for a production process.

Hence CHP is no more or no less than a clever way of producing heat. Heat is the most important factor hence a CHP is usually dimensioned according to the heat demand of the user. The electricity generated is used locally and thus ensures a more rational use of primary energy and lower CO2 emissions compared to the separate generation of heat and electricity.

CHP provides a stable and predictable electricity production and can therefore perfectly supplement less predictable renewable energy sources (read: wind, sun) in a sustainable way. In this way, CHP makes it possible to respond flexibly to the energy market.


Solar panels

Only need electricity? Then solar panels are the most obvious way to generate your own energy. As part of a total project, we work together with our partners in the Luminus Group to seamlessly integrate your solar panels into your electrical infrastructure.

Solar panels are usually combined with other technologies (e.g. CHP, heat pumps or energy storage). Properly dimensioned and coordinated installations result in higher energy savings than if they were studied separately.

Our approach covers the entire process from A to Z

Advantages for you?

Energy savings: better use of available energy sources and reduction of your energy bill

Environmental friendly: reduction of your CO₂ footprint and lower losses during transport of the energy

Some of our achievements

Installation of a CHP at Saint-Pierre hospital in Brussels

Installation of a CHP at Saint-Pierre hospital in Brussels

Our services at Saint-Pierre's University Hospital, part of the IRIS hospital network, go back to 2010. At that ...
Installation of CHPs in various Center Parcs

Installation of CHPs in various Center Parcs

The Center Parcs parks are built around the experience of nature. So it should come as no surprise that ...

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