Sustainable energy production for CenterParcs Erperheide

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CHP with integrated heat pump

We installed a high-efficiency CHP with a capacity of 635kWe. The CHP has an integrated heat pump to produce electricity and hot water with as much waste heat valorisation as possible.This heat pump cools the flue gases and LT circuit and brings this residual heat to a usable temperature.In this project, we opted for a heat pump application because otherwise the heat from the LT circuit of the CHP could not be utilised usefully.

The electricity produced is fully utilised by the park.The heat produced by the CHP and heat pump is used to heat the subtropical swimming pool in the Aquadome.


With this CHP, CenterParcs reduces its annual CO2 emissions by 790 tonnes.

Moreover, this is a DBOO CHP project by Luminus Solutions: an A-Z care for the customer, from design to financing, construction, operation as well as maintenance & management over a 10-year period.

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