39% energy savings for Sint-Niklaas via Innovative Energy Performance Contract


In early 2022, the city of Sint-Niklaas concluded an innovative energy performance contract (EPC) with Luminus Solutions. This contract, with a ten-year term and a value of 12.3 million euros, targets nine of the city’s most energy-consuming buildings, including two sports halls, two primary schools, the academy, the city theatre, the museum STeM, the police house and the welfare house.

The project includes a range of energy-saving investments, such as the renewal of boiler rooms, air groups, roof insulation, windows, screens, and the installation of solar panels. A unique feature of this contract is the focus on the residual value of the buildings and the comfort requirements of the users.


Significant investments have already been made in the first two years of the contract, resulting in estimated annual savings of €1 million.

For electricity, savings of 22% have already been achieved, 1% more than forecast.

The total projected savings of 39% will have a significant impact on both the ecology and economy of the city.

If the savings at the end of the contract exceed 39%, Luminus Solutions will benefit; if it is lower, penalty clauses will take effect.

This project serves as an example to other cities and municipalities in the pursuit of sustainability and future-proofing.

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